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SAAMA began as a concept a few years ago in the mind of Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam, who being a dental surgeon (Implantologist) by profession, always believed in the Power of the mind to help a person reach Self Actualization. While she fixes smiles every day from a dental view point, she realized more and more the need to fix the smile from the inside.


What We Represent?

Saama is a Sanskrit word which means Tranquility and Calmness of mind. To recover (one’s) equanimity. The focus is on the integration of the Mind-Body-Soul Connection to lead to self-actualization

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam

Founder & CEO

  • D.D.S (USA), B.D.S (India)
  • C.B.M (USA), C.A.D (USA)
  • P.G.D.M.L.E (India), CHt (USA)
  • (M.A.-Psychology)
  • Fellowship in Implantology
  • Fellowship in Orthodontia
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counselor

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam is a practicing Dental Surgeon with a passion for helping people unleash their inner potential. She is a holistic practitioner with a focus on self-empowerment. She is of the conviction that our bodies have a way of talking to us, and we need to be open to listening to it. Being a dental surgeon, she understands that medical science helps take care of the body. However, in holistic healing, the body is nurtured & nourished to look at the root of the problem and eradicate it from the source. Medical and Spiritual intervention help clear issues that the mortal body encounters.

Apart from her dental degrees, she has a Master’s in Psychology, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, and Business Coach. She has studied various modalities such as Past Life Regression, Family Constellation, Energy Psychology, Soul centered Hypnosis, and Healing through Akashic Records. She enjoys learning and exploring new techniques and is constantly updating her knowledge and skill sets. She integrates various modalities to best suit the needs of her clients to empower them to live their best life.

She conducts training programs for the public and corporates. Her workshops are geared towards Stress management, healing the inner child, money consciousness, mirror work, family constellation work, resolving karmic patterns and cycles, the discovery of soul purpose, etc., by creating awareness through Self-Inquiry.

She is a member of the American Psychology Association, American Hypnosis Association, National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Energy Medicine Practitioners Association.

She is on the board of SD Nari, a non-profit organization focused on helping & empowering women of Indian origin. She lives in beautiful San Diego and enjoys traveling, exploring, and walking on the beach.

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Saama Wellness Center focuses on bringing together various aspects of our being… It unifies the mind, body and spirit in the realization that if even one of these is out of balance, the being will suffer.

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Total Wellness Solutions

Uniting the Mind, Body & Spirit for overall wellness.

Years of Experience

Years of Expertise in offering Total Wellness Solutions to individuals and corporates.

Customised Programs

We understand every individual is different and hence our programs are tailor-made.

Holistic Approach

Wellness through Holistic Approach of uniting the mind, body and spirit.