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One cannot focus on mental and emotional well-being when the tooth is pounding an ache in your head… or when every time you wash your mouth or spit into the sink or bite into an apple you see blood. Or when you have to cover your mouth every time you laugh… Or when you talk or go close to someone and they move away because of bad breath.

Realistically, you have to feel fit and feel good, to be able to feel genuinely at peace with yourself. We at SAAMA understand this and hence bring to you BERNARDO DENTAL CARE where you will receive high quality dental care, designed to take care all your dental concerns with extremely well trained & experienced professionals and staff in an ambience you will love. You will be tended to with the State of the Art Equipment, Diagnostic tools and Materials. Treatments range from the simplest procedures (such as cleaning, fillings, extractions etc.) to the more involved ones (such as Root Canals, crowns, bridges, implants, Orthodontics etc.). The child and the adult are all treated with utmost care and respect. You will walk out with a near perfect smile!!

Bernardo Dental Care is a full-service family dental center nestled in the welcoming green office complex of Clock Tower Plaza in Rancho Bernardo. Bernardo Dental Care has been servicing San Diego residents since 1995. We offer quality and comprehensive solutions for all types of dental-related problems. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality of service as we are constantly updating our knowledge in the ever-changing field of dentistry thereby assuring you of the best results.You will find our dentists and staff highly trained , knowledgeable and extremely welcoming. They are ever ready to answer queries and impart information about procedures you are to undergo allaying any fear you may have. You will receive treatment in a very calm, professional and efficient manner. We strive at making you walk out with a contented smile!

SAAMA - What We Represent?


SAAMA means “To recover one’s equanimity, to become cool and calm.”
Saama Wellness focuses on empowering people to find their inner peace through self-inquiry. The experiences in our journey through the inner soul are accompanied by understanding and lead to the beautiful destination of wholeness and completion.


Total Wellness Solutions

Uniting the Mind, Body & Spirit for overall wellness.

Years of Experience

Years of Expertise in offering Total Wellness Solutions to individuals and corporates.

Customised Programs

We understand every individual is different and hence our programs are tailor-made.

Holistic Approach

Wellness through Holistic Approach of uniting the mind, body and spirit.