What Is Wellness

What Is Wellness ?


Well-being refers to a state of being healthy, happy, and comfortable, both physically and mentally. It encompasses a sense of contentment and satisfaction with your life, and a positive outlook on the experiences in all aspects of your life.
Does this mean we will be happy and content with every aspect of our lives? Realistically, no! There will always be some aspect that needs fixing or seems to be lacking – does this then mean that we can never be in a state of contentment? No, it means that this is a fact of life, and we will have to train ourselves to accept it and deal with our realities, while continuing to maintain the sense of balance, contentment and positivity.
For our purposes, well-being is a state of contentment which is different from ‘being happy’. Happiness is more of a transient nature with a focus on the ‘present’ state, while well-being is more of a long-term present continuous’ state of being.

Saama Wellness Center focuses on bringing together various aspects of our being ..it unifies the mind-body and spirit in the realization that if even one of these is out of balance , the being will suffer.

What is amazing about this concept is that THE POWER LIES WITHIN US ! It is just a question of being able to find it..to unleash it and then reap its benefits.

This being our mission statement – we are putting together all possible offerings that cater to nurturing the Mind, The Body as well as The Soul

Wellness is a well rounded wheel and the distribution of all the factors are absolutely uniform.
There are seven factors which go into aiding a person into being a well- balanced rounded human being

      • Occupational well-being
      • Emotional well-being
      • Physical well-being
      • Spiritual well-being
      • Social Well Being
      • Environmental well-being
      • Intellectual well-being
      • Financial well-being

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Total Wellness Solutions

Uniting the Mind, Body & Spirit for overall wellness.

Years of Experience

Years of Expertise in offering Total Wellness Solutions to individuals and corporates.

Customised Programs

We understand every individual is different and hence our programs are tailor-made.

Holistic Approach

Wellness through Holistic Approach of uniting the mind, body and spirit.